On Holiday!

So here I am, travelling again. The difference this time is that I chose the destination, and there is no work involved. I’ve done a lot of travelling this year, but this is the first actual holiday, and I have to say I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

So, I’m in Puerto Pollensa, in the north of Majorca. It’s dark right now, but my balcony faces the sea, which is beautiful and blue. I’m also surrounded on most sides by mountains, which are cool, and the sky has been that amazing deep shade of blue you only get when you are wearing sunglasses on a lovely day.
Things to note so far

  • rum and raisin ice cream is very nice, but I have no idea why rum and raisin is such a well-known combination.
  • tutti frutti is also very good.
  • Radio 4’s Bleak Expectations is a work of comic genius.
  • Motion-X GPS software for the iPhone is very helpful, as it allows you to store a map for offline use. I used it hiking today, and it rocked.
  • I haven’t any sun burn yet, which is excellent news.
  • I finished my first book today, and Alistair Reynolds is a really good writer.
  • The iPhone isn’t ideally suited to this blogging site. It does work, just not quite as intended. But I’ll just be happy it works.
  • It’s really, really, really good to be away from work.


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