Some disconnected thoughts

Today’s points of interest:

  • Congratulations to Spider-Cheryl (can she swing from a web? Yes she can, and she can preach), who survived her plummet from the roof of the Europa yesterday.
  • This week’s running song is Nutbush City Limits. It’s another song that was just the right speed for me to run to this afternoon, and it’s got a really crazy instrument in it. I secretly hope that it’s a theremin (because the sound slides up and down a lot), but I haven’t been able to find any evidence to support my pet theory. It might just be some kind of synthesizer.
  • And in other running news, assisted by the mighty Tina and the rest of my running playlist, I ran just over 3 miles this afternoon, in 30 minutes. I have a feeling that this might not be very impressive, but I’m quite pleased that I can now do that kind of run and still be able to go up and down stairs afterwards without making faces.
  • If anyone else read this excellent and timely warning from Wired magazine, I can set your concerns at ease by confirming that the photo of me in my hat on the introductions page predates the latest Indiana Jones movie.


One Response to “Some disconnected thoughts”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Just getting round to checking the web… and realised you’d made some fly remarks about me. Yum! Thanks.