Good news and bad news

  • The good news – I bought some Pepsi Raw today in Tescos. I hadn’t heard about it, but it’s an interesting idea. If you’re familiar with the process of making cola, you’ll know that some of the ingredients in it are not very friendly (there are these sorts of warnings). So Pepsi have launched a back to basics product, with all natural ingredients – so no artificial colouring, flavourings or preservatives. My friend described it best – it had a nice fruity hint to it that was reminiscent of Christmas cake. It has a premium price, but I think it’s very nice. Well worth a try.
  • But the bad news – I haven’t been able to buy a bag of flumps since before Christmas. If you aren’t familiar with the joy of flumps, they are truly wonderful marshmallow sweeties like these. Usually you can get a nice big bag of them in Tescos, or Sainsburys, or any fine sweet shop. But not these days. I worry that the increase in the popularity of Rainbow Drops (more widely available than they were a year ago) is somehow at the expense of flumps in some frightening cosmic balance thing.


3 Responses to “Good news and bad news”

  1. Niall Says:

    Flumps … mmmm … would these be of any use

  2. Adam Cable Says:

    We had some pepsi raw delivered to work as a freebie – but I think only 2 people in the office actually liked the stuff…

  3. Norwin Says:

    Really? That’s very disappointing. I bought more of it after I wrote this post. I have one can left in work, and two more at home for rainy days.