I am still here!

Just a quick note to say that yes, I am still here.

And I haven’t fixed the banner graphic yet.

But I just haven’t been in a blogging mood recently I guess.

Main news items are:

  • I completed the Marie Curie Cycle Challenge last Saturday, on a beautiful sunny day, which was completely different to last year’s rain-soaked affair.
  • Which made me realise that I haven’t been doing any running in preparation for the Lisburn 10k, which I plan to do next month, to raise money for ACTS ministries. So I ran just under 3 miles on Sunday, and just over 3 miles on Monday. Together they would make up the 10 kilometers, but I think I have to do the run in one day, disappointingly.
  • But I have discovered the fantastic combo of iphone + runkeeper + bluetooth headphones for running, which gives to the stats on my run, and keeps me entertained wirelessly as I go, which is cool.
  • And my magic sunglasses with the polaroid lenses have broken, so I have lost my superpower until the new pair arrive.
  • Life has now more or less returned to normal after the trip to India.
  • And I finally managed to see the end of Lost today.


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