Hello Again

It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

But I’ve been busy!

The start of the summer has become a really busy time since our church moved our two major summer clubs, the one for the primary school children and the one for the teenagers, from the end of the summer to the start. The logic is impeccable – if we do it at the start of the summer, we can use the schools to do some promotion the week before, and try and bring in some new faces.

But the other thing that has increased the workload for me is the success of our puppeting last year. That meant that we had to do it all over again. So not only was I committed to driving down to Craigavon to church every night for 2 weeks, but I was also up and down a lot for a fortnight before, writing schetches for Bella, Bert, Bindi and Buttercup.

On top of all that, work got very busy as well, with some big deadlines looming for a major contract that I am doing some wok for.

So, I got busy and stressed out for a month. But it was worth it – both of our clubs went well, and I would have to admit that I enjoyed them both.

And then, just as I was settling down to relax after all that, something unexpected happened. And that will come in the next post.


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