Birthday Holiday – a few more days

I’ve now moved on from New York to Washington, where my hotel wants 13 dollars for WiFi, which I’m not paying, so there’s a bit less internet in my life.
So, on my last day in New York, I got on the Metro and went all the way to the to of Manhattan, since I’d been to the bottom earlier. I then walked across the Broadway Bridge, and into the Marble Hill district of the Bronx. It’s quite different to the one in Donegal, not unsurprisingly.
Then on to FAO Schwarz, New York’s legendary toy shop. I have to admit, it was excellent, and I did spend quite some time there.
But to be honest, the highlight of my last day in New York was seeing Matilda. Seeing a Broadway show isn’t cheap, but it was completely worth it – it is a marvellous show, which has all the charm of the book and the film, with splendid new songs from Tim Minchin. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Then back to my hotel for the last time, the packing of the case, and early on Wednesday I got the train to Washington DC. The train was very civilised – I got a seat facing the right way, and there was free WiFi all the way, so I was able to track our progress by Google maps. We seemed to pass through a lot of states – New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and finally into DC.
Spent a very hot afternoon exploring the basics of Washington – the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and a bit of the National Mall. Nice Japanese for tea.
Today, I went to the Capitol, then to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. What an astonishing place it is! When you walk in through the door and see so many historic planes and space ships sitting and hanging in one place, it’s a little jaw-dropping. I spent quite some time there too! And then we had heavy rain for a while.
I’m very impressed with the Capital Bike Share scheme, which I’ve been making use of. Cycling looks to be pretty safe, and for a 10 dollar membership for 3 days, I’ve already used 4 or 5 bikes.
Hopefully will find somewhere to upload this tomorrow. In the meantime, goodnight internet!


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