Birthday Holiday day six

Four days of walking around New York has left me with pretty sore feet. No blisters, just soreness. So today I did the sensible thing and had a lie in, giving my feet a bit of extra rest. That meant I missed the breakfast in the hotel, and had brunch up the street instead, only some of which I spilled down my shirt. Then got the subway uptown, walked across Central Park, and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As is so often the case, I went in fairly confident that I’m not into art, so it wouldn’t take too long. But the first section was Egyptian, and they had artefacts from places I had visited, so it was very compelling. They even have a complete temple, moved from Egypt and rebuilt in a beautiful large room. And that was just the start – from there it went on to Greek and Roman sculpture, paintings, armour worn by Henry the 8th. Every section had something interesting to see. Especially the roof garden, where the view was splendid.
But not as splendid as from the top of Rockefeller Tower – it not only has spectacular views of the city, but also has a few seats so you can relax and enjoy them a little more, which was very nice. Dinner was very nice tonight too, at the Olive Garden. Plus I successfully managed to use the bus to go back downtown!


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