Birthday Holiday day five

It’s Sunday, so I had to get up a little earlier in order to make it out to church. There are lots of churches in New York, but I decided to go to Redeemer Presbyterian on West 83rd Street. It was a nice service – no robes or choir and quite informal, but a bit more liturgical than I am used to. The sermon was on wisdom from the start of the book of Proverbs, and was very good. I came back to my hotel, since I had to pass by anyway, and grabbed the belt I had forgotten to put on earlier. A burrito for lunch, and then on to USS Intrepid, an old aircraft carrier that houses New York’s aerospace museum. The ship is pretty impressive itself, but it’s interesting that it houses two examples of obsolete technology that haven’t been replaced with something better. The have the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the prototype that didn’t go into space but proved many of the technologies, and they also have a Concord. Both technical triumphs of their time, and both now retired without really being properly replaced.
Feet really sore after yet more waking around, so gave them a bit of a rest back at the hotel before a very delicious dinner at the Red Lobster.


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