Happy Christmas!

Just wanted to wish any blog readers out there a happy Christmas. But since I’m writing, here’s a few highlights of the last few days before Christmas.

  • Amazon didn’t let me down. Nearly everything arrive the day before Christmas Eve, with one thing arriving today. Good work Amazon!
  • And the nice people from the cancer charity were wrapping presents at Castle Court again, which is a scenario where everyone wins.
  • Also in Castle Court, there was brass quartet vs Noddy Holder on the PA. I was delighted that the brass players won.
  • And a busker outside Boots on Royal Avenue singing and playing his guitar without amplification so loudly he could be heard on the other side of the street, even over the strings players outside Next.
  • But best of all, he was singing Heatwave by the Martha and the Vandellas (here if you’ve forgotten it). He deserved something for pure volume, but much more for sheer style.
  • Going back to the weekend, I really enjoyed the services in church on Sunday, and the Christmas party at Carson’s.

Unfortunately, Christmas doesn’t make life perfect, which I am very aware of this year. But I hope y’all have a happy and peaceful Christmas, and that the New Year brings you all that you hope for.


One Response to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. Adam Cable Says:

    I’m glad that the brass players won – you can’t have Christmas without them