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Hello 2012!

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Hello internet! Only me. My Christmas and New Year break is┬ánearing its end, and I could have blogged about a number of things, but never really got round to it. Anyway, here’s the short summary of the last couple of weeks.

  • I’ve never watched less of the Christmas TV! Spent quite a bit of time with my wee nephew Mason, who was more entertaining than most things on tv, despite the fact that he’s only a few months old. Or perhaps because. Many photographs taken (some will make it to facebook).
  • And much of the tv I did catch was on iplayer on my android tablet (Which worked very nicely).
  • Was able to go out walking in the Mournes with the church walking group at the end of the year. About 8 miles, ending at Maud’s on the sea-front, which was an excellent ending. It was a wet day, but never miserable.
  • Got out cycling on New Years Day and again the day after. Only 10 miles each, but better than not getting out at all. On the Sunday I got wet, on the Monday I got cold, but at least not both together.
  • Went to a spin class for the first time, with my sister to her gym. Think of it as a cross between line dancing and cycling, with the same struggle to stay in rhythm with the music, to hear the instructions, and the hope that the music will somehow improve, but on a half-bike instead of dancing. It wasn’t actually that bad, and I went back again, so I did that twice!
  • Bought and installed Skyrim for my PC. At level 6 right now, with my first dragon killed. Looking like a pretty good game so far.
  • I unexpectedly ordered my next car today, for July when the lease runs out on my current one. That’s a very long way away, so I’m surprised to have got it all sorted out so quickly!
  • Read an excellent book (on my kindle) – The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds. A bit of a prequel to the Revelation Space series, but a good standalone story in its own right.
  • Since there was no snow, I did manage to catch up with a few folks, which is always good. Though as usual, not quite all of the people I had hoped to see. But some is better than none!

And those are roughly the highlights of the past couple of weeks.

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Just wanted to wish any blog readers out there a happy Christmas. But since I’m writing, here’s a few highlights of the last few days before Christmas.

  • Amazon didn’t let me down. Nearly everything arrive the day before Christmas Eve, with one thing arriving today. Good work Amazon!
  • And the nice people from the cancer charity were wrapping presents at Castle Court again, which is a scenario where everyone wins.
  • Also in Castle Court, there was brass quartet vs Noddy Holder on the PA. I was delighted that the brass players won.
  • And a busker outside Boots on Royal Avenue singing and playing his guitar without amplification so loudly he could be heard on the other side of the street, even over the strings players outside Next.
  • But best of all, he was singing Heatwave by the Martha and the Vandellas (here if you’ve forgotten it). He deserved something for pure volume, but much more for sheer style.
  • Going back to the weekend, I really enjoyed the services in church on Sunday, and the Christmas party at Carson’s.

Unfortunately, Christmas doesn’t make life perfect, which I am very aware of this year. But I hope y’all have a happy and peaceful Christmas, and that the New Year brings you all that you hope for.

Christmas Card of the Year

Monday, January 12th, 2009

I’ve finally taken down all my Christmas cards, and done a complex analysis, and decided that the Christmas Card of the year is this one, from my cousin Mark.

Funny Christmas Card

Apologies to all the artistic and crafty people who sent me hand-made cards. They were very nice, and appreciated, but the comedy and controversy value of this one wins.

And for anyone who is offended by the lack of focus of the speech bubble at the top, and can’t brng themselves to read it, it says “Is it just me, or is the polar ice cap getting smaller?”

And yes, it is a long time since I posted anything. I will try and do better ­čÖé