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Welcome to Norwin!

Friday, September 27th, 2013

My holiday blogging fell apart a bit, so I’m just going to post some highlights, probably out of order. The craziest part of my holiday was when I hired a car,and drove 200 miles West (and a bit North) from Washington DC, to the place they call Norwin!

Norwin Hills

I found out about Norwin from google I suppose, when vanity googling used to return things about Norwin High School, so I have been aware of it as a place for some time. But when I decided to visit New York and Washington, it was just close enough to go and see it for myself.

And I am pleased to say that I was impressed!

Yes, I was freaked out to see my name everywhere. I particularly liked this sign at the doctors:

"Stamping out disease and pestilence in Norwin for 30 years"

Given that I am 40 now, I guess I was just lucky for the first 10 years.

And I was kind of dumbstruck to see the selection of Norwin items in the local sports shop (I bought 2 t-shirts and a pair of socks) as well:

House of Norwin

I have to admit that I did spend quite some time taking in the sight of my name in so many places. Though in the end I was more freaked out by the lady in the library who answered the phone saying “Norwin Library – how can I help you?”, as I of course immediately turned round to see why she was talking about me.

Unfortunately the Norwin Knights weren’t playing while I was there, but I did see their stadium:

Norwin Knights Stadium

And the Norwin Marching Band were out practising, which was kind of cool to see. They weren’t in their uniforms as you can see, but I do like their silly hats:

Norwin Marching BandI was especially pleased to manage to take photographs around a school without getting arrested for being suspicious!

I wasn’t able to get a copy of the Norwin Star, as it is only published weekly, and doesn’t hang around for long on the shelves. But it looks like this (fortunately the library had a copy):


But here’s the real surprise about Norwin Pennsylvania – it’s a beautiful area! Pennsylvania is just full of trees – there are places along the road where you reach the top of a hill and just see forest as far as the eye can see in every direction. It’s quite breathtaking. I even saw deer out the window of my hotel at dusk, grazing on the grass. ┬áIt turns out that Norwin is just at the edge of the Laurel Highlands, an area of outstanding scenic beauty. This is the view of Norwin from the back of Walmart:


Okay, Applebees isn’t so picturesque, but the background is beautiful.

So in summary, I really enjoyed my trip to Norwin. It’s fair to say that the good people of Norwin were not overwhelmed by my presence, but that’s okay – not many people are! A few of them were impressed by the distance I had come to visit their town, but on the other hand the receptionist in the hotel didn’t comment at all when I checked in.

But I don’t care – I am so glad I went there – I was genuinely impressed by it, and I might just go back some time.