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The white heat of technology

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

We’re used to the pace of technology these days, with constant improvements in mobile phones and the like meaning that anything more than a few years old is unusual because it’s so out of date. But some areas of life don’t seem to change so often. Or so you’d think.

Recently the toilets in my office got a bit of refit, so we now have the 3rd set of toilet roll dispensers in 11 years. These ones look like large white eggs stuck onto the cubical wall, and they dispense pre-cut pieces of toilet paper (an actual roll is apparently so last decade). I had no idea that toilet roll technology moved so quickly! We also have an exciting new soap dispenser, to go with the 5 signs that tell us to wash our hands. I can hardly wait to see where bathroom technology will take us in the future!