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Today’s Rants

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Two things wound me up today.

The first was the stupidity of politicians and others who were complaining about the police response to the rioting in London and elsewhere. ┬áMany of them seemed to be wilfully ignorant of the fact that policemen are human beings, and not expendable. Of course they didn’t wade into massive crowds to arrest people – they would have been killed. Literally killed. It’s not acceptable for politicians sitting in the comfort of the house of commons to berate the police with such a naive attitude to the safety of the police. They did not sign up for this! It is unprecedented, and it’s not their fault.

The second, completely unrelated story, came from Wired this morning. I am appalled at the principle of this, of urging shopkeepers to wilfully destroy their competitor’s comics. I know it’s a small thing in a troubled world, but it just irks me that perfectly good comics should be destroyed like that. I’m not even a reader of comics! But it’s so wasteful – a classic example of how it’s acceptable that greed should overcome all common sense. Marvel really should be ashamed.